Beginning January 1 next year, all new Tesla customers will no longer be getting the offer of free unlimited use of its Supercharger network, reported Carscoops. Instead, the electric car company will give new customers 400 kWh of free Supercharging credits that translates into roughly 1,000 miles worth of driving range on an annual basis.… Read More

Following an announcement that Tesla Motors would be equipping all its electric vehicles, including the Model 3, with full self-driving hardware, the automaker has released a video of a Tesla car driving from home to work without any input from its human driver. Mashable┬áreported Tesla as saying this move would make the car substantially safer… Read More

Following criticism after a Tesla Model S driver died behind the wheel after the vehicle hit an 18-wheeler while on Autopilot, the automaker now has a positive anecdote to refute the claims of Autopilot being dangerous. A 37-year-old attorney from Missouri has claimed his Model X’s Autopilot system saved his life when he suffered a… Read More