Judging by the current landscape of the automotive industry, it is fair to say that the compact crossover segment is where the money is going. Honda is tasting success with the ever practical HR-V, Renault is capturing big sales in the Europe with the Captur, and now Mazda wants a piece of that pie with the fifth… Read More

For 2015, the rejuvenated Toyota Camry is offered in three guises – the entry-level 2.0E, the dignified 2.0G and the range-topping 2.5 Hybrid. The latter takes over the throne from the previous 2.5V and is the first hybrid-driven Camry to be offered in the country since the model’s first inception to the Malaysian market in… Read More

With more than 115,000 units sold since its first introduction in 1994, the Camry is one of the most well rounded models Toyota have to offer in the country. Though there are a handful of better looking mid-size sedans in the market, whether from Japan or Europe, the Camry has always been the safe choice… Read More