The original air-cooled Ducati Hypermotard, which was introduced back in 2007 had a reputation of being a wild and unforgiving machine. So wild, the front tyre could lift off or the rear end could dance sideways in a simple act of wrist-twisting. But that was just the Hypermotard doing its job as a proper┬ásupermoto. This… Read More

2013 Honda Wave 110 DX

Mopeds or underbone motorcycles are popular and widely used in Asia, they are cheap and easy to maintain, making them a preferred choice of transportation among the masses. In Malaysia, mopeds are more fondly known as ‘kapcai’, derived from the word ‘Cub’ from the famous Honda Cub and ‘zai’ or ‘little’ in Mandarin. Here, there… Read More

2013 BMW HP4

27th March 2013, 11.04 a.m. It was raining when I arrived at the Perdana Suite, Sepang International Circuit for the launching of the new BMW HP4. On normal days, I would not care if it’s literally raining cats and dogs or any other kinds of pets but on that particular day, I was thwarted to… Read More