Following an announcement that Tesla Motors would be equipping all its electric vehicles, including the Model 3, with full self-driving hardware, the automaker has released a video of a Tesla car driving from home to work without any input from its human driver. Mashable┬áreported Tesla as saying this move would make the car substantially safer… Read More

With unstable oil prices and rising costs of living, people are looking towards alternative modes of travel such as riding public transportation, cycling, and carpooling. However, a man in Kazakhstan seemed to have taken this to the next level, beating rush hour via an unconventional mode of transport – riding an ostrich. A video of… Read More

With the stresses of traffic and Raya preparations, enjoy three short Raya videos on “What Not to Do Bila Drive Balik Kampung” by Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia (MMM). The videos remind drivers and passengers on the Don’ts during the journey back to your hometowns. The series of comedy shorts can also be viewed on MMM’s Facebook… Read More

Being new to the automotive industry, it’s only natural for people to be concerned on the capability of electric cars to withstand extreme weather, such as flooding, but it seems the Tesla Model S is perfectly suited for such conditions. A video, shot in Kazakhstan, recently surfaced, showing the electric sedan plunge through a flooded… Read More