wemotor.com's Buying and Selling Tips

Please read carefully before making your purchasing vehicles at wemotor.com

Tips for Buyers

wemotor.com recommends the following steps to help ensure a successful vehicle purchase.

Confirm seller’s contact information
Before you send any funds (either a deposit or full payment) verify the seller’s address and phone number. An email address is not sufficient. Be particularly wary if the seller are not located in Malaysia
Know the vehicle’s market value
Be cautious of wire transferring funds outside that of a banking institution.
Make sure that your payment method offers purchase protection
Hire a qualified vehicle inspection company if you are interested in a vehicle out of your travel distance
Make sure that your payment method offers purchase protection
Do not provide personal or financial information via email
We will not ask you to reveal the following information by email:
  • Identification Card number
  • Bank Account
  • Bank Routing
  • Credit Card Number
Beware of anyone who claims wemotor.com will warehouse, deliver, or examine the car.
We do not do any of these
Get a receipt
Ask the seller for a receipt that states whether the car is being sold with a warranty or ‘as is’
Get a ‘free and clear’ title the vehicle
Know the requirements to transfer title to the vehicle.

Tips for Sellers

wemotor.com recommends the following steps to help ensure a successful vehicle sale.

Verify that a cashier’s check is authentic
Contact the issuing bank to verify that the check is good and that the funds are available. Confirm that all forms of payment have been received and ‘cleared’ by your bank before transferring title.
Beware of offers for more than the asking price or other complicated payment schemes
Do not agree with any plan where the buyer sends an amount over your asking price and then instructs you to wire the difference to a third party
Beware of anyone claiming to act as an agent for a third party
Beware of anyone offering to buy your car without seeing it first or anyone claiming to be out of the country

Our Role

wemotor.com is an online automotive portal designed to facilitate the research and purchase process for customers. We provide a platform for both Private and Professional automotive sellers to showcase their vehicles to a broad national audience. wemotor.com does not, however, participate in the following areas of the purchase process:

  • wemotor.com does not serve as a third-party in financial transactions between buyers and sellers.
  • wemotor.com does not insure vehicles listed on the site.
  • wemotor.com does not warehouse or ship vehicles for sellers.
  • wemotor.com does not sell vehicles!! We are an auto classified ONLY.